Question 1:  What is the NHMS series and how are the series winners determined?

  • The NHMS series runs from April through August and series winners are determined based upon the total points accumulated during the season. 
  • Races are run as point races with every third lap counting as a point lap. Points are awarded to the top three racers to cross the line on a points lap, with 3 points to the top finisher, 2 to the second place rider, and 1 to the third place rider.  Double points are awarded to the top three finishers in the midpoint sprint and the final lap.   
  • Point totals in the A group are determined based upon applying a seven place ranking system to each race, and point totals in the B, and C groups are determined by adding the total number of points accumulated in each race. 
  • The top three riders based upon series point totals in each group receive a series prize at the annual awards ceremony in August. 
  • Races in September are not part of the NHIS points series, but are included in the series pass.  

Question 2:  What rules apply to the NHMS races?

  • All USA Cycling rules apply to the series.  You may not use aero bars and you must wear a helmet at all times when riding at the track.  This includes riding in the parking lot.
  • In addition to the USA Cycling rules, other rules also apply to the series.  It is important that you understand these rules before participating in a race.
  • Rule No. 1:  When a faster field passes a slower field, the slower field is neutralized and no rider in that field may join or draft the faster field.  If a rider fails to neutralize during a passing event, that rider will be disqualified and no points will be awarded to that rider.
  • Rule No. 2:  Riders dropped from the A and B fields should attempt to join the field below the field that they started in a safe manner.  Once dropped a rider may not contest the points laps by sprinting for finish points, nor may a dropped rider assist another rider in obtaining points.   Riders dropped from the A field shall join the B field, and riders dropped from the B field shall join the C field.  Riders dropped from the C and D fields may rejoin their starting fields..
  • Rule No. 3:  Slower riders must stay on the outside of the track when the road course is being used.  When the oval is being used, slower riders must stay on the inside of the track.
  • Rule No. 4:  Aggressive or unsafe riding is not permitted.  This is a training series and rider courtesy is expected.  Riders who engage in aggressive or unsafe riding or who behave rudely will not be allowed to participate in the series.
  • Rule No. 5: A gate fee must be paid for entry into the speedway.  Failure to pay the gate fee will result in a permanent ban from participating in the NHMS Series.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to discipline riders who engage in unsafe riding or inappropriate behavior.  In addition, the promoter may assign a rider to a specific group if in the opinion of the promoter the rider should be riding in a different group.

Question 3:  What is the registration process?

  • NHCC offers a series pass for the NHMS series.  To purchase a series pass, a rider must sign a series release.  Riders who have not completed all the required paperwork will not be issued a series number.
  • Series pass holders who have completed the required paperwork must check in at each event and sign a day-of release.  A check-in list for series pass holders is maintained at registration.  Riders who fail to check in will not receive any points for that race event.
  • Series pass holders are issued a number for each group that they wish to race in at the beginning of the season.  The number or numbers should be maintained throughout the season.  If the number is lost or misplaced, the rider should obtain a new number at registration, which will then be the permanent number for the remainder of the season.  Please try not to lose your number.
  • Riders who are not series pass holders must register for each race.  To register for a race, a rider must fill out a release.  A rider who does not have his or her license with them at registration will be required to purchase a one day license in order to participate in the race.  Riders who anticipate racing in more than one race during the series should maintain the number that is issued to them and will use that number for subsequent races.

Question 4:  What field should I register for?

There are three fields:  A, B, and C. The A field is intended primarily for riders in Categories 3 or above.  Category 5 male riders and category 4 female riders are not permitted to register for the A field.  The B field is recommended for experienced riders with considerable strength.  The C field is recommended for all other riders.  Riders are permitted to race in different fields, but riders shall not be allowed to change their field for the oval course.  A rider shall remain in the field that the rider has been racing for nights when the racing is on the oval.