2015 NHMS Series Pass and NHCC Club Membership

The days are getting longer and daylights savings time is only a week away. It's time to start thinking about another season of bike racing at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

The 2015 season starts on April 2 (weather permitting). Your best value is the NHMS Series Pass which includes 26 evenings of racing plus pizza nights and other special events all for $100.

Online registration is open on bikereg.

We hope to see you in April!


Drummond Cycles Mini Training Camp

The second annual Drummond Cycles Mini training camp takes place Friday, April 19th through Sunday, April 21st                                  

Join Richard Drummond and Professional Cycling Coach Steve Weller of Bell Lap Coaching for three days of challenging riding. The three day road riding camp will focus on training techniques as well as some race tactics in a fun, friendly environment. Some of the riding will be race simulation and training that apply to racing and long distance cycling. These techniques can be applied to the non-racing, recreational cyclist who wants to become a more effective, efficient, and powerful rider as well.

The camp will focus on developing leg speed and efficiency, riding in echelons and tactical riding designed to help you complete your races, century rides, and training with renewed vigor. Learn what it takes to eat right and train correctly to feel fresh when you ride and enjoy cycling to your full potential. If you’ve been considering training with a power meter you will have the opportunity to Demo a Powertap wheel. We will meet at the Enfield Historic Shaker Museum for breakfast and lunch before and after each ride. Cycling nutrition and hydration products from Hammer Nutrition will also be provided.  Rides vary in length from 40 – 85 miles and will be preceded and conclude with lectures and tutorials on nutrition, training with power meters, bike fit, and specific workouts for each day.  Each ride will be fully supported on the road. 

Join us in the Beautiful Upper Valley of New Hampshire for some of the best riding in the east and get ready for the upcoming season the professional way. Use this opportunity to see what your fitness level is and garner the knowledge and technique you need to reach your goals this year.  If you are travelling from, rooms are available at the Shaker Museums’ Great Stone Dwelling. Call  603 632 4346 for more info.

Dates: April 19, 20, 21 – 2013

Cost: $375, includes meals

Time: Varies per day, see itinerary for details.

Ride: Rides vary from 40 – 85 miles with 5,000+ ft. of climbing. Recommended gearing 39t-27t

Support: Full neutral support available, mechanical service, power analysis and fitting

Contact: Richard Drummond, Drummond Cycles (603) 632-4277 drummondco@aol.com, visit us on the web @ www.drummondcycles.com

NHMS Race Notes

A few things of note---as you may notice in the posted results, we have changed the scoring system for all fields.

First--  We will be assigning points based on the point ranking at the end of the night.  The points given will be as follows: 10, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1, and 1.  The new method is designed to reward the first three finishers with a higher number of points.  

Second--Please make sure your number is clearly visible.  We had one rider on Thursday wearing a jacket over his number.  No points will be given if we can't see your number.

Third--Registration at the gate house window closes at 5:45 pm.  If you arrive after that time and have a series pass, we will have the rosters available at the mid-field as well as release forms.  Please sign a release and check your name off the roster and you are good to go. 

Finally--Ginelle is still learning and needs to concentrate on the race.  Please do not disturb her with questions after the race has started.  

See you next Thursday.  The first warm evening, we will have pizza!