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For more than twenty years, the New Hampshire Cycling Club has been promoting the sport of amateur competitive bicycling. Many of our members ride for Team New Hampshire, NHCC's cycling team. We conduct weekly training races at the NH International Speedway as well as the Concord Capitol and NHIS Criteriums.

Club News & Announcements

LIST Changes: We are going to try using Yahoo Groups to manage mass communications for the entire club and Team NH. One benefit will be ability for messages posted to the group to be archived on the Yahoo Groups site. This Yahoo Group will take over for the old general club maillist that is no longer being supported. To join the group, visit this link.

LOTS OF NEWS!!! You should be receiving the annual newsletter, the application form, the NHIS series pass, the track schedule and a flyer for the NHIS Crit. shortly. All of this will also be posted on our website. In addition, you can join the club and sign up for a series pass through

For those of you who are planning your race schedules, registration is now open on for New Hampshire Race Weekend. On April 30, 2005, NHCC will be promoting the NHIS Crit. Following this event on May 1, 2005 1K2Go will be promoting the TurtlePond Circuit race.

Remember to sign up early for the NHIS track series to take advantage of the early bird incentive program!!!! Leslie
Posted 01-Mar-2005 10:56:19AM EST by Leslie.


Team New Hampshire
NHIS Weekly Training Races
Concord Criterium (Saturday, July 31)
Photo Album
Downloads/Joining NHCC
Riding in NH

You can send inquiries about NHCC to

The NHCC clothing order form is back online.
Don't delay -- a new order is going in soon.

Team New Hampshire News
Hi all,

The 2005 season is just around the corner and registrations on are already open for many races. Particularly if you are a Cat 4/5 rider, you will want to sign up early or risk being shut out.

Happy training!
Posted 18-Feb-2005 10:36:45PM EST by Tom.
NHIS Standings
Standings as of 08/26/2004...
A Group Charlie Bedard: 65, Ryan O'Connor: 54, Scott Plante: 48
B Group Joshua Bartlett: 79, Andrew Walters: 67, Glen Fraser: 64
C Group John Hartshorne: 70, Steve Dowe: 57, Wm. Caleb Johnson: 55
D Group Corey Dowe: 133, Joshua Lehmann: 85, Adrian McLeod: 51

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