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The Season is upon us. Members...we need your help.

Only one more month until the Thursday night training series starts at the New Hampshire International Speedway. This is a great series that we all enjoy and that depends on volunteers. Tim Farmer from S&W Sports has agreed to help us out again with the series, but we cannot reasonably expect Tim to volunteer his time unless we are also willing to contribute our time to the series. We ask those of you who ride at the track to make a firm commitment to volunteer at least one night at the track and to help out with the Concord Criterium when you fill out your membership form. We all like to ride. That's a given. But Club events cannot happen without the support of the club members. Many thanks to all of you who volunteered time at the track and the Concord Criterium last year.


The 2000 membership application is included with the newsletter or Click Here to download the Microsoft Word version of it. The membership year runs from April 1 to April 1. If you were late in applying last year, you still need to send in a new membership application for this year. We encourage you when you join NHCC to also obtain an USA Cycling license. You must be licensed to ride at the track and it is generally less expensive to buy a license for the season than to purchase a one day license. If you need a license application form, you can request one from the website or you can get one at the track. You need to be licensed to purchase a series pass for the Thursday night series.

Change of Address

The new address for NHCC is NHCC/ co. Leslie Ludtke, 6 Ridge Road, Concord, New Hampshire 03301. Please make a note of this. Mail sent to our previous address will not be forwarded.

NHIS Thursday Night Training Series

The Thursday night training series starts on April 13, 2000 and ends on August 31, 2000. The schedule is enclosed and is posted on our website. Cancellations, race results, notices and Speedway Cup point standings will be posted on the website during the season. The track schedule includes seventeen nights of racing with three of those on the oval. We plan on having a number of special events again including Summer Solstice Prime Night and the "Last Night" banquet. At least two volunteers are needed for each night of racing. If you have a particular date in mind that you would like to volunteer, please indicate your preference on your application.


We still have quite a lot of clothing available. If you are interested in purchasing clothing, it will be available for sale at either the track or S&W Sports. Specific clothing requests may be directed to our website. Any NHCC member may purchase the sponsored team clothing at our cost.


   Short Sleeve:
   Long Sleeve:



New for this Year THE SPEEDWAY CUP

This year the Speedway Cup will be awarded to the team winner of the Thursday night series. The rules are as follows: The team series will start on May 4th and continue through August 31st. Riders will not be allowed to change teams after May 4th, although new riders may join existing teams after that date. The team score will be determined by adding the three highest team members' point totals scored by riders in either the A or B group. The team with the highest score at the end of the season will receive one dollar for each of the team's points over the season. Any number of riders can be on a team. The teams do not need to be licensed or recognized teams. And the best part is that the team with the highest total will have the honor of being the first recipients of the Speedway Cup, a handmade trophy, which (we hope) will continue to be passed on for generations to come. Individual awards will also be given based on point totals for the season with prizes to be announced during the season.

Also New for this Year THE NHCC/S&W SPONSORED TEAM

With help from S&W Sports we have obtained sponsorship for a racing team. Any club member who is interested in racing this season should consider joining the team. The clothing design will be new and will include the S&W logo as well as sponsors' logos. Team uniforms (a shirt and shorts) will be provided to team members at our cost (which we expect will be about $100.00). A team member who races in at least 6 races will receive a refund for the cost of the uniform. A team member who scores points in a race will receive a gift certificate from S&W; Sports in the amount of the race entry fee.

Rob Talmadge has volunteered to pull the team together, keep track of race results, and generally do what is required to make the team a success. If you are interested in racing on the sponsored team, please contact Rob Talmadge as soon as possible. Rob's phone number is 224-2539 (Concord) and his e-mail address is Race results will be posted on our website. Last year, NHCC finished tenth overall in New England road racing. With more riders and an organized team we should be able to do even better this year.

The KillerBee Ride

The annual KillerBee ride is scheduled for April 22 and April 23 this year. The ride will start from Irv Gordon's new house in Contoocook (35 Penacook Road) and end at the Snowy Owl. This ride is always a great early season conditioning opportunity with terrific food, prizes, and camaraderie. If you are interested in riding or participating, contact Irv Gordon at 224-2341 (Sulloway and Hollis).

Series Pass

The series pass worked so well last year that we lowered the price. The cost for NHCC members is $50.00 and for non-members $70.00. To purchase a series pass, you must be a licensed rider and you must sign a season release. Apart from saving money, the series pass saves a lot of time at registration for everyone. While that alone should be sufficient to convince any rider to purchase a season pass, we are offering an additional incentive. The names of all series pass holders will be automatically entered into a Summer Solstice drawing for a one hundred-dollar gift certificate from S&W; Sports. The number committee will consider requests for specific number assignments from series pass holders. Please let us know what number you want when you return your series pass form. First come first served. Please, no requests for three digit or longer numbers.

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